So crashy me is holding over. Went to dancing this evening though, hit by wave of 'I want to cry' almost as soon as I got there, not helped by dance-tension. T and I are dancing a rumba; I've been out of it so often that we haven't had time to learn a separate routine - so we're shadowing another couple, P and A. We have learned this rumba in about an hour, and practiced it since - we turned up today, they'd changed half of it, hadn't bothered telling us and acted like telling us was this big imposition on their time.

We spent fifteen-half an hour working with the dance teacher to sync it up/make it look good, and by that point, each half had strengths and weaknesses. P and A obviously had better footwork and technique because they'd been learning it for three weeks. We on the other hand, had no nervous laughter when it came to the 'acting romantic' part, and had serious trust in the leans (hip to hip, he lunges out to the side on his left leg, I lie along the side of his body, then tip outwards to the right as he straightens, lift and extend a leg and then fall back into his arms) which P and A keep messing up because A doesn't trust P not to drop her. But the waves of 'do not want you' coming off P and A was affecting T, and he ended up stressed out and irritated and grumpy so I explained to dance-teacher we were going to leave it, and dance it for fun, not for a 'show'. Initial protests, 'it looks so good!' but she understood the stress-aspect and the dance-tension, so let us go.

Now for essay research, then eating pasta/watching latest episode of House and snuggles with Tom, then home to curl up in bed, read, and get to sleep early.

Also, icon is actually either a tango or rumba lunge; works for both. I can actually do it, too.
If I get the schedule I want, with all the units I want -- I'll have three/four contact hours next semester.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:32 am
Weekend of stuff!

Wednesday night: Decide not to do the competition this weekend. Instead, blissfully relaxing weekend with social dancing on Saturday night, work preparation for the presentation I need to do, Monday, to be handed in, can now go slowly. Good decision.

Thursday: head for Ipswich, have two dance lessons pretty much back to back. Have Sarah decide to enter us both for medals tests and therefore miss out Blackpool. Both perfectly okay with this. More dancing, then Firefly and movies.

Friday: Dog walk in the morning, much stick-throwing for Willow who has a new best friend. After an hour wandering fields in the sunshine, head back and go to town so I can help Mum find work-clothes while Tom wanders Ipswich/buys coffee in Starbucks. When we get back - lots and lots of baking. Banana bread with walnuts and sultanas (mmm) double choc chip and nut brownies (mmm) and homemade-pastry apple pie for dessert that night (mmmm). Fed parents, fed friend, all was good.

Saturday: Laate sleeping. Quick dog walk, then back to the house. Chilling out, drinking tea until Claire dropped by for more tea and silly chatter. After she left; baking fruit muffins and cupcakes for the Dancesport team, then watching crappy movies and laughing at them until dance social. Social = hugely fun, much dancing, much laughing. Headed home, watched 'White Noise 2' - terrible, dreadful movie - and done.

Now tomorrow, return to Norwich. Meeting new flatmates for next year, finishing Monday presentation and I haz a semi-date for Monday afternoon. But this is tentative stuff. :)
So after eating regular food but small amounts, best food thing I have created:


  • iceburg lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • red peppers grilled
  • prawns
  • tuna
  • sweetcorn
  • balsamic dressing

    gdofgjgflkdglfjlk SO GOOD.
  • -happies-

    Jan. 21st, 2009 07:25 pm
    Generally in an 'I love the world' mood tonight. Endorphins, I has lots! :D

    I am using icon! because yeah I have just come back from dancing and that is part of my happy! But there are others.

  • Email from seminar tutor, giving me list of post-grad/open-to-public seminars and meetings for more 'scholarly' discussion. She has managed to wiggle me in to more complicated stuff and remembered it, and generally, I am a happy bunny with academia right now. After done with LJ, I need to do some reading for classes.

  • Job interview today for teahouse-thing. Generally very good vibe, especially because of bucket-loads of restaurant experience and his general attitude. Seems nice, it's fifteen minutes' walk from the bus and stuff so close-ish and it's completely understood it would have to fit around my schedule, so! We shall see if I get the job, and if it works for me. It's worth a try, anyway.

  • New person! New person who is not freaked out by having interacted with me in crazy-moodswing-moments. Met her at the first drama meeting, she turned up at beginners' dance class on friday, and at the auditions Sunday, and we've chatted, so we're going to hang out and eat pasta together tomorrow and just generally sociable stuff. Win! Friend-making.

  • Dance-stuff. Firstly, just had an hour and a half of practice-stuff. I have a dance partner who is an absolute sweetie; he's just starting out but essentially said he was happy to get up to speed to dance a level or so above him, and is just generally, a very nice guy. Geeky, too, so I have been invited to come along to Game Soc and try out a game of D&D and talk comic-books with other people, which lsdkjfldjlsfj will be so much fun. Yay for geekiness!

    So yes. Generally all :D today, because of sleep & exercise & weight-loss so I feel bouncy. We shall see tomorrow.
  • Been fighting off the restrict-y urges with little success til tonight. Healthy dinner! Probably because so exhausted/achey, my body went 'food. NOW'

    Lettuce with grilled chicken breast, drizzled balsamic vinegar dressing and couscous with peppers and sultanas. My tummy hurts.

    but. Tasty. And sleeeep time.
    Yay for still being high as a kite! A sleepy kite, who is about to curl up with Georgette Heyer and read bad-French-accents into dreaming, but a kite, nonetheless. As can be seen from icon, I am still knitting away; second side of the cardigan front and then it'll be sleeves. It looks like it's going to be very comfortable.

    I am feeling 'stuck' creatively. I've tried coming up with new characters, having done so little of it lately, but am constantly hitting up against 'have I done it before? have others done it before? Am I mimicking, or creating something original?' It's frustrating, and has me questioning whether I can even write, if I can't find a person to write about. I know I like to write, but is it me doing the writing, or just years of ingested reading --> turning out characters that are a mix of other people's characteristics? It's not fun to confront a lack of creativity, even less so to think of a lack of originality. It needs dealing with, which I think probably means observation. Real-world people watching, trying to pick up on traits, and switching off the 'I must character create' niggling feeling in the back of my head. Might spend some time sitting outside Starbucks tomorrow in town, and just watch passers-by.

    It's that glass feeling again; as though there's stuff in my head that I can sort of see, but not quite. It also prompts the wanting to be better. Sigh. Either I need to work on my skills and improve, or acknowledge a failing and move on. Wanting is never good, in my experience.

    I plan on trying out a beginner's sock pattern once I'm done with the cardigan. I want to get into circular and dpn knitting and branch out.

    ...Having written the above with little knowledge of where I was going when I began typing, I now need to stop before this gets any more self-doubting than it already is. Sleep pills, and book. :)


    Jan. 10th, 2009 04:39 pm
    Long complicated dream about visiting the US ...mid degree? I think I had visited Africa at some point to speak French - to see Raf briefly. Who was v v gay. There was Italy. And a shelf full of books that were all historical and very boring and I was trying to find something in French - also, I was supposed to study for exams, and had four days of visiting to manage.

    There was a club. And a shampoo that dyed my hair accidentally white.

    ...I am bemused at my subconscious. What are you trying to say precisely?
    They've arbitrarily decided that 'no one' is going to return from Christmas yet have switched off the hobs in the kitchen. Which I discover... While trying to boil pasta, and trying to cook meat. Defrosted mince, needs to be chucked now.

    This in addition to being walked in on by maintenance this morning, who didn't bother to knock despite being required to. Email fired off to accommodation services. I am getting SICK OF THIS. Please to breaking the contract so I can leave now?


    Plot bunny!

    Jan. 4th, 2009 11:19 pm
    Mid conversation with Beth, RE: my friend and her insane desire to follow 'The Rules' and snag herself a chauvinistic, 1950s era, shun-if-doesn't-buy-shinies man.

    Bitten by a plot bunny.

    Woman who lives her life entirely by self-help guides. Follows 'The Rules'. And dressing advice. And eating advice. And lifestyle advice. So basically, lives a fairly beige existence, while life around her = not so very much controlled. Either a character... or a story/novella. Hrm.
    It is freezing here, in the 'scratch my promise to leave my flat every day, it is too freaking cold' fashion. But it means it's lovely to be inside! I have the radiator on for the first time ever, the curtain drawn to shut out the cold, and my feet tucked under the comforter. :3 Tea is extremely good for cold that works inside-out.

    Happy stuff! I have books and tonight, I plan to read about China; informative yet non-dry books ftw! I also have some really squishy cotton I'm working with that's thick enough not to cause callouses! Also, I have been rubbing oil into my poor fingers from the massive amount of working-with-thin-cotton that killed them and they are finally approaching 'normal'. Also, the yarn currently working with = bright blue. Fwee!

    Tomorrow, I need to visit the university library and return books plus go by the bookstore and ask if they have departmental lists. Hooopefully they do; they have always been too busy to ask previously, but! Campus is dead-quiet even if outlets are open. :D I can also go via the med centre and sort out medication; surprisingly, missing three-days-in-a-row due to running out/med centre being shut = a non-chemical high. It is fuzzy, especially as I have to come off the stuff now anyway in order to switch. Non-scary highs ftw, also.

    Also. I HAVE POST. :D :D :D Hopefully I can go pick up my packages from the mail room tomorrow; I have some shirts that were on sale and the first season of Alias, which is all supah-win.

    And finally, last night watching CSI:NY with Nat and poking holes in the 'investigative process'? Win. :D
    I took myself shopping in the sales today. Picked up a pair of yoga-pants/sweat-pants cheaply that fit fabulously and a pair of jeans that don't so much, but were incredibly cheap. They will become the new 'slim-jeans' - I am between sizes, as per usual. But they are cute, and they were cheap. Also found an uber cheap pedometer which will be useful for New Year's Resolution stuff, so fwee!

    Lips are horribly cracked from chewing my lower one so currently slathered in satsuma lip balm from The Body Shop. Mmmm, yummy smells. :3 Right beneath my nose, so highly distracting :P

    Was looking for cute bottom sheet for bed, found one in Laura Ashley for thirty percent off. Kids' bedding ftw; cute pale pink sheet with pink and green scattered tiny posies on it. Pure cotton, which my poor itchy skin demands I cater to.

    Adapting the sleeve parts of the pattern I'm working on. Turning 3/4 length into full length as I haaate 3/4 under jackets and stuff. >.< It's turning out very soft and drapey and comfy. I like!

    Tomorrow: hopefully finishing cardigan and prepping it for blocking, baking the lemon tart for NYEve, and testing out new jogging pants!
    Maaaybe I should not stay awake all night knitting. Just a thought. >.<

    Going to hit town to pick up a couple things I need. Also, need to clear head first. Dreams can go diaf when they confuse you on what reality is.

    Don't know if anyone's home. T picked up the shift at Subway which made me feel bad but... it was necessary. Bear witness, waking up at midday having set alarm for ten thirty. D:

    Possibly seeing Inkheart with C tomorrow at the cinema! It has to be a reward for working the shift at Subway tomorrow, so we Shall See.

    Awake. Need to get dressed. Thank God for the return of lists - need a new mini notebook to carry around for list-purposes. Also, 29th today. Have to make two desserts for parents' New Year's Eve thing by 31st - so one tomorrow, one day after. Going back to university on the second, so need to get stuff sorted.
    Non politically related news

  • I finished (today) the main work on my merino cardigan. All the pieces are knit, I now have to lightly block it, sew it together and then knit the button-bands. But the main, 'sit and watch tv shows while staring occasionally at pattern as I attempt to make sense of it', that part is done.

  • This then clears the way for non-procrastination on essay. I need to read the Communist Manifesto (properly) tonight. ...On reflection, this is not non political news, but on the other hand, 1848 can't be considered news. My reading of it is entirely 'politics as a subject' rather than 'politics in action'.

  • I watched the Wicker Man remake while finishing the last sleeve. Absolutely. Hilarious. So many plot holes, I think I fell in one around the time I started decreasing.

  • I tried to read one of my guilty pleasures; a new Julia Quinn novel. My Regency romance reading period began and ended with Georgette Heyer, encompassing the really disgustingly over-wrought on the scale before at about sixteen, I was thoroughly sick of 'pearls' and 'glistening' and ...yes. I adore Heyer because she writes non sexual Regency romances that are for the most part, historically accurate and the 'boy meets girl' part is only part of the novel. But unfortunately, there are only so many Georgette Heyers. And I have read them all. Julia Quinn was happy accident; a writer who poked fun at the genre rather than getting caught up in fainting females and long descriptions of dresses. Unfortunately, I began with her latest stuff. 'Splendid', her debut novel, has just come back into print over here, and I picked it up at the library. Ohgoditishorrible. Granted, it makes for amusing laughter (and possible drinking games as to how many seconds you can guess a scene lasts before there is kissing and kissing-with-intent) but oh god, no. I can't possibly be the only person alive who likes my Regency clean, can I? By all means, hint away - I just want fade-to-black, thank you very much.

  • Muffins v2.0 worked exceedingly well, due to the addition of oats. Now I have nummy oat, nectarine and pineapple muffins and very good they are, too.

    Political news

  • Yes, I am worried - if only because I'd quite like to take a semester abroad in the US next year and that rides on the result of the election. Also, the proportion of voting booths, voter intimidation, problems with registration/challenges... I will be anxious.

  • My father's political knowledge is apparently greater than everyone's. Including those with access to actual data, or proper views. Also, being rude is apparently perfectly acceptable, despite polite requests not to use language, shout or swear.

    I get a high after ridiculous, ridiculous amounts of sleep. Must remember this. For once, brain alive, and awake and ready for some actual action.

    Talking in IMs and being silly + baking muffins + tower of books to read for essay seeming not so overwhelming + not feeling like damp dishrag, in fact, amazing instead = AWESOME.

    It is five thirty am now. Wait for muffins to finish baking, then bath to get clean, then tackle my reading list, then possibly make a start on the essay that now seems less like UBER CHALLENGE and more like 'pfft, I can do this'?


    I just basically slept through Halloween and the first of November. I have no idea why I was so wiped considering I'd done exactly that a day or so previously (sleep for nearly a day) but my body was very definitely convinced it was not waking up. Eyes sealed shut, complete limpness of the muscles... I just dragged myself up.

    For the record; passed out at six thirty pm last night, slept til two thirty am (eight hours). Was awake til five thirty am, then asleep from five thirty am until... four thirty pm. (eleven hours). So yeah, out of twenty-four hours, I was asleep for nineteen.


    Groggy and disorientated and hungry omfg (also dehydrated but at least no bathroom trips in the cold since this morning)

    I fully intended to get up, take a shower and go pick up baking ingredients. ...Not so much now. Also, it is raining outside, which makes me smug about pillows and duvets and general warm + yummy-ness.

    Okay. Awake, probably going to curl up and read 'til parents return, then hanging out with dogs because of fireworks and my Willow is terrified of the whizzy ones. Bangs? No problem, bombing this dog would have no problems with. Fizzy ones, that squeal? She cannot stand. She hates bacon frying and people blowing noses for the same reason. Idiot mutt.
    Someone please end my life.

    I have a conclusion to write.

    Then two more essays.

    ....I'm not leaving my room this weekend.
    So I am attempting this 'university student' behaviour by writing an essay.

    An essay worth fifty percent of my final grade on this unit.

    My opening paragraph is a masterpiece of cohesive theory and fact, with inferences taken and conclusions drawn upon that set the tone for a stellar essay.*

    ...My problem? Writing the rest of the damn thing.

    I have ten million things I want to say and I cannot BEGIN.

    *This statement is made both facetiously and also on the basis of others' opinions. A declaration of my own awesome is highly unlikely to be forthcoming in the academic world.

    EDIT: Okay so. I have far too much for 2000 words. WHY, people, WHY.
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