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So crashy me is holding over. Went to dancing this evening though, hit by wave of 'I want to cry' almost as soon as I got there, not helped by dance-tension. T and I are dancing a rumba; I've been out of it so often that we haven't had time to learn a separate routine - so we're shadowing another couple, P and A. We have learned this rumba in about an hour, and practiced it since - we turned up today, they'd changed half of it, hadn't bothered telling us and acted like telling us was this big imposition on their time.

We spent fifteen-half an hour working with the dance teacher to sync it up/make it look good, and by that point, each half had strengths and weaknesses. P and A obviously had better footwork and technique because they'd been learning it for three weeks. We on the other hand, had no nervous laughter when it came to the 'acting romantic' part, and had serious trust in the leans (hip to hip, he lunges out to the side on his left leg, I lie along the side of his body, then tip outwards to the right as he straightens, lift and extend a leg and then fall back into his arms) which P and A keep messing up because A doesn't trust P not to drop her. But the waves of 'do not want you' coming off P and A was affecting T, and he ended up stressed out and irritated and grumpy so I explained to dance-teacher we were going to leave it, and dance it for fun, not for a 'show'. Initial protests, 'it looks so good!' but she understood the stress-aspect and the dance-tension, so let us go.

Now for essay research, then eating pasta/watching latest episode of House and snuggles with Tom, then home to curl up in bed, read, and get to sleep early.

Also, icon is actually either a tango or rumba lunge; works for both. I can actually do it, too.



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