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Yay for still being high as a kite! A sleepy kite, who is about to curl up with Georgette Heyer and read bad-French-accents into dreaming, but a kite, nonetheless. As can be seen from icon, I am still knitting away; second side of the cardigan front and then it'll be sleeves. It looks like it's going to be very comfortable.

I am feeling 'stuck' creatively. I've tried coming up with new characters, having done so little of it lately, but am constantly hitting up against 'have I done it before? have others done it before? Am I mimicking, or creating something original?' It's frustrating, and has me questioning whether I can even write, if I can't find a person to write about. I know I like to write, but is it me doing the writing, or just years of ingested reading --> turning out characters that are a mix of other people's characteristics? It's not fun to confront a lack of creativity, even less so to think of a lack of originality. It needs dealing with, which I think probably means observation. Real-world people watching, trying to pick up on traits, and switching off the 'I must character create' niggling feeling in the back of my head. Might spend some time sitting outside Starbucks tomorrow in town, and just watch passers-by.

It's that glass feeling again; as though there's stuff in my head that I can sort of see, but not quite. It also prompts the wanting to be better. Sigh. Either I need to work on my skills and improve, or acknowledge a failing and move on. Wanting is never good, in my experience.

I plan on trying out a beginner's sock pattern once I'm done with the cardigan. I want to get into circular and dpn knitting and branch out.

...Having written the above with little knowledge of where I was going when I began typing, I now need to stop before this gets any more self-doubting than it already is. Sleep pills, and book. :)
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