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So. In America, and been velly, velly busy. Too much so to deal with the comm I mod, and definitely too much to deal with to update my El Jay, so I've not updated for a bit. :)

School is different. Different prospects, different perspectives, different ways of looking at things. I have been dubbed 'New Girl' in Latin, by Doc, who is completely insane, but funny, and I called his Latin class 'the Mad Hatter's teaparty' which he thought (thankfully) hysterically funny. So yes, classes are okay. Not brilliant, but okay.

There's been massive culture shock, though. Americans, one is informed, are very nice, welcoming, and offer a lot of help. Which is true, for the most part. The problem is that boarding school is an incredibly dependent way of life; Hightstown is isolated from everywhere - you have to cross a main road to get to Target, the only places within walking distance are shit, and NY is an hour and a half by bus, and Princeton is impossible without a car, etc. And as a British person, you feel uncomfortable and awkward asking for things - even necessary things. As my dad put it, to ask for them would be to imply they had not been offered, and thus, would be rude. And here you have to push for anything you want or need.

Um. I've sorted out ballet classes; I took one on Monday which was good, if I felt sooo stretched to the point where my muscles were shaking at the end of class. I took one yesterday which I realised five minutes ago, was the Intermediate/Advanced, not Beginner/Intermediate today ie, the one I SHOULD have been taking, and I have one today for Standard Ballet II, and one later tonight, for Beginner/Intermediate, if I get permission from Mr Tattersall.

And -- I've already managed to get a crush on a boy. A boy with a cool name, I might add, insanely bright, and he seems to like me back which is so weirdly cool that I'm bouncy much of the time. Gotta run. Fitting in RP, writing, college apps, ballet and socialisation. NOT EASY!



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