At Swim, Two Memes

Sep. 19th, 2017 02:54 pm
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First meme: Yet Another List of Random Questions, which I actually filled out a week ago and then forgot to post. :P

What's your favorite kind of bread? )

Then a shippy meme, gacked from [profile] thesmallhobbit:

Who do ya love? )

I know I'm a little early, but in case I don't make it back to LJ in time, I want to wish all my Jewish friends a very happy new year on Thurs. Shanah Tovah!

they wanna make me their queen

Sep. 19th, 2017 01:55 pm
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ZOMG this day! Board meeting imminent!

I just wanted to let people know, in case they didn't and were interested, that Alice Hoffman has written a prequel to Practical Magic about the Aunts, and it's coming out in October: The Rules of Magic! I only found out the other day!

I love both the book and the movie, though they are very different, and I'm excited to read the Aunts' story! #please don't suck!


but some things may stay the same

Sep. 18th, 2017 04:56 pm
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dear universe,

I have some complaints:

- as per this xkcd (hat tip to [personal profile] twistedchick), & should be used for friendship and / should be used for romance. Please stop getting my hopes up that there is new pairing fic to read in my rare pair when it is not, in fact, pairing fic.

- it's bad enough that I'm following a bunch of works in progress now, but what is up with people getting to the penultimate chapter of a work (and I'm not talking anything short here, I'm talking well over 100K words) and then just...never posting the last chapter? I would plaintively cry, "who does that?" except I am now in possession of such knowledge and it's more than one person! (And I know this because it'll be listed as 53/54 or whatever.)

- this is less a complaint and more a bit of bafflement, but I never know what to say to people who leave feedback along the lines of "I hope you keep writing!" or "I hope you've written more!" Like, click on my name in the by line? There'll be 700+ stories there? I mean, thank you! But yeah.

- why is writing such a garbage hobby? when I have the words, I don't have the time. when I have the time, I don't have the energy. when I have the energy, I don't have the words. Bah.

- subset of the above: I actually opened a story to work on last night, wrote one (1) sentence in two (2) hours, and gave up when I realized it would need to be all porn from there on out. Bah.

no love,



Well, that was fun.

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:18 pm
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Had my colonoscopy this morning. This was a routine check-in, since it had been over 10 years since my last (thankfully having been in remission for nearly the entire time). I went into it resigned but not particularly stressed; sure it's not exactly FUN, but it's never been more than a hassle, honestly.

More hassle than usual this go-around, though. )

AND, to top it all off. Girly stuff )

Moving on.

I've been collecting a number of links in the past week, so in no particular order:

Double chocolate banana bread. This is the second time I've made this, and it's just as amazing as the first time. *snarfs entire loaf*

Butterbeer marshmallows. Damn, they're expensive, but I'm sooooo tempted. (Oh, man, they also have Kaluha coffee marshmallows, Nutella marshmallows and, for the Dr Mcoy fans out there: bourbon marshmallows.)

And speaking of HP Pottery Barn has a new Harry Potter collection. Some cute stuff there.

Really cool Targaryen family tree, created by a DeviantArtist.

In other news ... there really hasn't been a lot of news. Still getting back into the swing of school, which is to say we're all permanently exhausted as we readjust to getting up at the ass-crack of dawn again. I did attend the high school's Back to School night last week, which was good. Will wasn't able to attend, as he was helping his younger brother/wife finally (FINALLY) get their tons of crap out of the basement. But that also meant I was free to take all the front-row desks that none of the other parents (nor my own husband) want to sit in. The teachers get all of 8 minutes to talk, so it's a bit of a rush, but I did get the gist of all MiniPlu's classes and introduced myself to all her teachers. I liked them all (including the lone teacher MiniPlu hasn't met yet - next term's US History Honors teacher), although the Chem situation is ... interesting )

I always feel a little weird when I introduce myself to the teachers; I hate describing MiniPlu as "the Asian girl" but I figure that since these teachers see a million kids per day and school's only been in session 8 days (as of Back to School night), it's a quick way for them to bring up an image of my kid, since there are hardly any Asians at the school (and obviously, divided by 4 grades, even fewer per grade). The Chem teacher still managed to get MiniPlu mixed up with someone else, because after I introduced myself he said something about how she had emailed him to ask for some document that he'd refused to provide, and I had no idea what he was talking about. And neither did MiniPlu. I think there's another [MiniPlu's name] in her year, and even if that one isn't in her block class, it's possible maybe he mentally switched them? (I don't think I mentioned the Asian thing when I shook his hand - he jumped to the "document" remark before I could get in another word.)

Ugh, still feel like an over-inflated balloon. Going to walk the dog and see if I can get it to shift. Stupid Crohn's, stupid colonoscopies.
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Last night, L and I went to the premiere of this English language musical version of The Romance of the Western Chamber (Xi Xiang Ji in Chinese?).

It is not, in fact, Romeo and Juliet, or it kind of is in terms of love at first sight and climbing up balconies and exchanging poetry in letters, but without the tragic ending. Which I was glad for.

It's very charming, though the male lead's voice was not up to the singing, imo. The ladies were all fantastic, especially Mari Uchida as Hong-niang, the matchmaking maid. The women's costumes were lovely; the men's were...well, they started out all right, but Mr. Chang's wedding outfit was made of what looked like baby blue lamé, which is not a look I personally endorse.

Afterwards - and it was not a short play! - we attempted to go here, because it was a beautiful night for a rooftop bar, but apparently my randomly picking a place in the vicinity of the theater because it looked cool meant I'd actually picked someplace popular and happening? There was a large line outside the door anyway, so we were like, we are too old to wait on lines for bars - even rooftop bars! - so we hopped in a cab and had dinner at the bar around the corner, and then stopped off at Insomnia Cookies for cookies. Which I didn't eat last night, but which will be my breakfast this morning.

All in all, it was a lovely evening, and I got to wear my star-print sun dress from eShakti, which is such a pretty dress, guys. I love it a lot.

I also have been catching up on Gotham Academy so I can make my yuletide request, and when Amy showed up in Second Semester, I at first thought, ugh, did they try to shove Harper in here as well? but I sincerely doubt Harper would ever do the nasty things Amy does, so it's not her undercover. Whew. I'll probably have more to say on Wednesday!

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I left work slightly early yesterday and today has been calmer, thankfully. I'm still dragging and my brain is on a bit of a time delay - why is sleeping so hard? even when I'm so tired? - but it's Friday and it's almost over.

Today, while I've been collating etc., I've been thinking about how in Leia, Princess of Alderaan, spoilers )

I really want to read that story without having to write it. You should get on that, stat.

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I missed reading Wednesday in all the madness, but things are slightly calmer at the moment (though the MTA didn't help this morning with the 1, 2, and 3 being suspended. I had to walk through that long tunnel to the A, C, E at 42nd Street, which is at least slightly less rank than it used to be but also this morning it was full of a ton of extra people unhappy about being there), so books:

What I've just finished
Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, which I loved after I got over my slight disappointment about it being an origin story. I liked that Diana got to save the world with a couple of teenage girls and recontextualize Helen of Troy a little while she was at it. Also, it reinforced the notion that spoiler ).

Star Wars #36, which I'll talk about by itself, since it is pretty self-contained. This is the issue where Artoo finally gets to the Devastator(? I think?) to rescue Threepio, and it's very cleverly done imo, with the narration telling us all sorts of typical instruction manual specs about the R2 astromech line, and Artoo being his usual badass self, thanks in part to some programming upgrades, some very skilled teachers, and of course, a complete lack of memory wipes. Everyone knows he's the real hero of the rebellion. (Sadly, he doesn't ever get to give Vader the tongue-lashing he deserves but I will just go on including that in every story I write, because it pleases me to do so. *g*)

What I'm reading now
A Ruin of Angels by Max Gladstone, which is the sixth Craft sequence book - featuring Kai Pohala and her previously unmet sister, with a cameo (so far - could end up being more?) by Tara Abernathy. I'm enjoying it so far, but as usual, the random references to our world always make me blink - is this a super alternate universe? a far-flung future? Like, I guess I could accept a coffeehouse employee being a barista, even though there is no Italy in this world, but then it makes a Rent or a Casablanca reference, and I'm like, that is very specific to our world! I dunno. It's kind of a weird thing to get hung up on, but it strikes me every time.

What I'm reading next
*hands* One of the things I did last weekend, in addition to getting rid of more books and dvds, was to start sorting through all the books I've downloaded and adding them to iBooks or Calibre (though I can no longer dedrm kindle books via Calibre, which sucks), so I have a lot more books than I realized and they're mostly sitting around on my iPad waiting to be read.

Lastly, here's a link: Ranking the Robin Hood Adaptations — Which Tales Fly Truest?

It gets it right, I think, though there's a sad lack of appreciation of Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham, which is the only reason to watch the Kevin Costner version, and Robin and the Seven Hoods doesn't even get a mention! But I think the one-two punch of Errol Flynn and that Disney fox is the correct answer.

(I feel like there is also a sad lack of Jason Todd references in this post - after all, he was Robin and now he's a Hood - but I'm too frazzled to come up with good ones. Take it as read that Robins as in Batfam are never far from my thoughts.)

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Yesterday, I ate my breakfast at 12:30 and then just didn't eat lunch. I could rant about what I think is poor time management and poor organization, which given the fact that I have never in my life not procrastinated on a thing to the last possible moment, would be really saying something, but I won't. It's pointless. I'm just here to redo all my edits because someone kept editing a(n old version of a) document after they sent it to me for updating. Whatever.

Monday night, I was here late and then L and I met up on the spur of the moment and I had three pints of beer, which I haven't done in years and which I should never ever do on a weeknight again. Ugh. I am officially too old for this shit.

Last night, I got home by 7 and just sat on the couch refreshing Tumblr and playing 1010 until it was time to go to bed. Yes, I know I said I deleted it off my phone, and I did, but that didn't remove it from my iPad, so I still have it (and I re-downloaded it to my phone the other day when I was waiting for a train) but I also found it online so I can just play on my laptop now. *hands*

In better news, I heard from the loan officer that my loan commitment letter is preliminarily approved but they needed me to send a bunch of documents I've already sent them twice, plus one new thing that just proves what a dumb racket the whole credit thing is because I have excellent credit, but since I've tried to purchase a home, my credit has been checked three times since April, which is concerning to them. The fact that it's all been in service of trying to get a mortgage, and that no additional lines of credit have yet been opened, doesn't seem to matter. It's like if you have too many accounts, they tell you it has a negative impact, but if you close an account to have fewer, that is also a negative. You carry a balance, which means you have debt! but if you pay it off every month, then that's a negative because you have no outstanding loans! No matter what you do you can't win, which is a clear indication that the whole thing is rigged against you.

I might just be exhausted and ranting. I don't even know. Anyway. Once I get the loan commitment letter, I have to send in the board application package and hope they call me for an interview. Of course this is happening at the same time I'm prepping for my actual board meeting (see above re: work), so the timing is terrible.

I did have a very cool dream where I visited [personal profile] destina and she fed me very fancy pasta and then we went to a murder mystery reenactment.

Lastly, I did my yuletide nominations while I had a free moment, because I didn't want to forget, so this is what they are right now:

Six of Crows
Inej Ghafa
Kaz Brekker
Nina Zenik
Nikolai Lantsov

The Middleman
Wendy Watson
The Middleman

Gotham Academy
Olive Silverlock
Mia "Maps" Mizoguchi
Pomeline Fritch
Damian Wayne

I guess I'll let you know if I change my mind.


and you say how appropriate

Sep. 11th, 2017 04:52 pm
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this day is always weird and solemn, and for the past 15 years, I would call my dad and we'd be thankful he'd survived a terrorist attack (2 actually, since he was there in '93 too), but now he's gone.

The six-month anniversary of his death is Thursday, and then the fourth anniversary of my mother's death is a week from Saturday, so this is a rough stretch to get through, I guess.

On the other hand, work has been so ridiculously hectic that this is the first moment I've had to breathe since I walked in the door, so it kept my mind occupied, which is good. I might just crawl into bed when I get home. I feel like I could sleep forever, but the rest of this work week is going to be busy too, since we're gearing up for a board meeting next week. Boss1 bought me flowers to brighten me up.

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Yesterday, I had that awful achy skin feverish feeling and got nothing done. I just wanted soft, comforting things, so I went to finish my AtLA rewatch and discovered that it was no longer free as part of Amazon Prime! WTF?! I didn't feel like digging out my dvds (hush), so I ended up watching the back half of The West Wing season 2, and then this morning I watched "Two Cathedrals" and those final six minutes set to "Brothers in Arms" might be the best use of music on a tv show ever.

Which started me thinking about other iconic musical cues from TV shows, and this is a very short, very incomplete list:

- "Renegade" in the SPN episode "Nightshifter"
- "Don't Fear the Reaper" in the SPN episode "Faith"
- "Bad Moon Rising" in the SPN episode "Devil's Trap"

I could probably fill this list with ONLY SPN moments, so here are some others:

- "Full of Grace" aka, "the song at the end of Becoming II"
- "Devil Town" in the opening and closing episodes of s1 of Friday Night Lights
- "Come Back" in the FNL episode "Wind Sprints"
- "Eli's Coming" in the Sports Night episode of the same name
- "There She Goes" in the pilot of Gilmore Girls
- "Momentary Thing" over Veronica and Logan's kiss in VMars
- "In Your Wildest Dreams" in the HLotS episode "Full Moon"

I'm sure there are many others - what am I missing? I know "Life" used music excellently but I'm blanking on any specific moments right now.

*let's take any moment that uses "Hallelujah" out of the running for now. I still haven't recovered from its overuse in the late 90s.

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Here's a fanfic meme from [personal profile] misbegotten, but it's 50 questions long so I'm breaking it up into parts and will eventually answer them all.

So here's part 1:

Fandom Questions

1. What was the first fandom you got involved in?
Online? Homicide: Life on the Street. was the first newsgroup I lurked on and then participated in. We're coming up on the 20th anniversary of that: November 1997!

It was an amazing newsgroup to break into online fandom with, and it was highly influential on my online behavior.

2. What is your latest fandom?
Latest, and also one of my oldest fandoms: Star Wars. I blame The Clone Wars and also The Force Awakens. The former for making me care about Anakin Skywalker *shakes tiny ineffectual fist* and the latter for giving me Rey and Finn and GENERAL ORGANA.

3. What is the best fandom you’ve ever been involved in?
Aw, they're all great (and terrible) in their own ways. Maybe MCU circa 2012 when Avengers came out, because it was sort of the culmination of friendships that formed when I was in XMM twelve years before. Harry Potter was great because it was such an upswell of creativity and making connections with other fans.

I don't really feel like I belong to any one fandom these days - everything is so disconnected and I don't really have a sense of community in Star Wars. It's more like my DW flist is my fandom, and to a lesser extent, my tumblr dash.

4. Do you regret getting involved in any fandoms?
Ahahahahaha. I regret the way my participation in a couple of them ended.

5. Which fandoms have you written fanfiction for?
Ahahahaha! According to AO3, and including one-offs, and lumping various comics and movie properties into umbrella fandoms, here is the list:

~68 or so fandoms )

6. List your OTP from each fandom you’ve been involved in.
I don't always have an OTP, but here are a few:

HP: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Harry/Ron/Hermione
Star Wars: Han/Leia, Rey/Finn/Poe, Baze/Chirrut
Ocean's Eleven: Danny/Rusty
Narnia: Cor/Aravis
MCU: Steve/Bucky, Tony/Pepper
DCU: Tim/Kon, Clark/Lois
XMM: Logan/Rogue, Charles/Erik
The West Wing: Josh/Donna
Gilmore Girls: Luke/Lorelai
FNL: Coach/Mrs. Coach

7. List your NoTPs from each fandom you’ve been in.
I don't always have a NoTP, but here are the ones I very definitely do have:

Marvel: Steve/Tony
Star Wars: Reylo
XMM: Jean/Logan
SPN: Dean/Cas
DCU: Clark/Diana
Gilmore Girls: Christopher/Lorelai

8. How did you get involved in your latest fandom?
It's Star Wars? I've been involved in it, or at least a fan of it, since 1977? If you mean how did I suddenly start writing fic for it after years of not writing fic for it? Well, Ahsoka Tano's appearance is a major key to that, as well as the sad lack of stuff dealing with Leia and Vader's relationship. And of course, the Clone Wars made me invested in Anakin Skywalker, and also provided me with characters like Satine Kryze and Asajj Ventress, whom I love! Those were the main things that I was interested in, and then Rey and Finn came along and I wanted to know more about them, too.

9. What are the best things about your current fandom?
Nearly everybody knows a little bit about it, so you can enthuse about it in public without getting odd looks from people. (Otoh, when you say something like, "But I really like Anakin Skywalker!" be prepared for people to judge you, and not even silently. *hands*)

10. Is there a fandom you read fic from but don’t write in?
Oh yeah. Mostly Yuletide fandoms (e.g., Queen's Thief, Gentleman Bastards, Rivers of London) or things like Discworld or Good Omens, where I would like to write but just haven't really had any good ideas. This also goes for a lot of the one-off fandoms I've written in - I'd like to write more iZombie or Arrow or Sports Night, but I just don't really have ideas for them.

I guess that's a good start!

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Gacked from my new friend [personal profile] spiffikins. :)

70 questions, including 3 fill-ins )

Two's first day of school yesterday went well, and he was lucky enough not to have any first-day homework, probably his last year for that. His first impression of his A day teachers was good; we'll see what he thought of his B day teachers (today's electives and his social studies teacher) this afternoon. He reported sitting with some new kids at lunch, to be nice, which I was proud to hear about. I really hope he makes some genuine friends this year. Even one friend.

MiniPlu came home with another boatload of chem homework - more outlining, plus memorizing the order, abbreviations and spellings of the first 18 elements for a quiz today. (She was NOT amused.) Plus a math packet. And she has a short English paper due Monday (on top of a summer-work test in both English and Math on Monday, and a Chem test on Tues). Should be a fun weekend. :-P

My achievements today: a nap, finished reading "The Scottish Boy" (see link in yesterday's post), and not a whole lot else. :-P

I'll find my soul as I go home

Sep. 8th, 2017 10:42 am
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Friday grab bag:

A. Ugh, the trains were disgustingly crowded and slow this morning, and then there was some sort of croissant crisis at the other Starbucks, so the waiting area was jammed with people waiting for pastries that were never going to come. On the plus side, it's Friday! on the minus side, we're back to full days on Friday. *sob*

ii. I forgot Timeless on my potential Yuletide noms post yesterday! Certainly Wyatt, Lucy, Jiya, and Rufus should all get nommed by someone who isn't me. Agent Christopher, too, I hope!

3. Some reading material:
- Donald Trump: the First White President by Ta-Nehisi Coates

- And something a little lighter: Mets Legend Keith Hernandez On Baseball, Books, Broadcasting And Battles at

d. And speaking of the Mets, y'all saw Dylan O'Brien throw out the first pitch the other night, right? He was very cute about the whole thing, though if I closed my eyes, he sounded like uncannily like my older nephew.

V. from the we make our own fun file: Batman & Darth Vader: two sides of the same coin? I amuse myself, anyway.

5a. And for more serious meta: the dark side is a choice. Oh Anakin. I'm probably gonna have to read this book aren't I? Sigh. #i'm not mad i'm just disappointed #i hate that i have ~feelings about darth vader now #the most problematic fave

5b. and for my own amusement - and from a different comic - someone telling vader what we'd all like to.

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So, Two has attended Camp Aranut'iq for three summers now. He has been begging us to attend family camp since the first year, so this year, we signed up to go. Truth be told, we weren't really super-keen on going since it would be sorta roughing it (cabins, not tents, but very basic cabins), and mosquitoes, and it was going to be unseasonably cold at night while we were there and pretty much guaranteed to rain on Sunday. But we knew it was important to go, so off we went on Friday for yet one more drive back to New Hampshire.

Camp report )

So, anyway, overall, we mostly enjoyed the activities, hated the rain, didn't sleep super-well, but enjoyed the companionship of the community. I'm not sure if we'll do family camp again or not, but at least we did it once.

And now ... a solicitation. So, Camp Aranut'iq is an amazing place. Sure, it's rustic, but that's what summer camps are supposed to be like, right? And meanwhile, they do an amazing job of just letting "trans etc" kids be themselves, and giving them strength and acceptance they need to make it through the rest of the year. And, you know, hopefully NOT commit suicide. (There is also a week-long camp on the property for people with skeletal dysplasia aka dwarfism, and an upcoming camp for people with craniofacial deformities.) Anyway, Two adores it there, as does just about every camper. The only real deterrent is ... the toilets. When the director bought this camp in 2014 (they'd been renting other camps since their inception in 2009), he inherited the camp's composting toilet system, which is fantastic in theory (good for the environment!) and horrible in practice (more like perpetual porta-potties >_< ). We actually were somewhat lucky that it was unseasonably chilly this past weekend, because it cut down on smell. But the director has said that some kids refuse to come back, or refuse to come at all because of what they've heard or experienced with the stinky composting toilets with the bottomless black pits under the seats; even Two has said he doesn't want to attend for longer than a week because he isn't sure he could put up with composting toilets for TWO weeks.

So, Nick's plan is to rip out every one of them and build proper indoor flush toilets, with indoor showers as part of the same buildings (there will be several such buildings throughout the property) in time for next summer. The cost? About US$200K. Please consider a donation to make this possible? Even a few dollars would help. And every camper will praise your name forevermore. Probably the parents, too. ;-) Donate here, and specify that the money should go to the capital campaign fund, or the toilet fund, or whatever you want to call it.

I know nobody has much money to just throw around, and there are the legitimate needs of Harvey victims (and, alas, probably Irma soon, too) and a hundred other worthy causes to plead for your donations, but if you DO have a little bit extra, or know someone else who might, please consider it?
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Both kids went off to school today!

(MiniPlu actually started yesterday; the high school starts a day ahead of everyone else because they get a day off after midterms in Feb when nobody else does, so it all works out in the end.)

MiniPlu's first day )

Two didn't get his schedule until he arrived today, but by chance I found it online yesterday afternoon when I was filling out online forms for both kids (emergency contacts and such). His schedule )

Hopefully he'll let me know how his first day went, aside from "fine." :-P

ETA: First-day photos can be found at LJ here. You must be logged in.

So far today, I've: taken a nap, gone for a run, baked and frosted my BIL/SIL's anniversary cake (26 years today; would've been 83 for my grandparents), and started laundry. Without interruption. Bliss! I have a HUGE pile of catching up to do online, both for reading and posting, not to mention email, but I'm already down to a half hour before MiniPlu comes home, so some of that will have to wait for upcoming days.

In less blissful news, I went to a new TKD school last night for the first time. And I hated it. )

Last weekend we went to Camp Aranut'iq (where Two goes in summer) for their family camp weekend. I'll do that report separately, since this is already getting pretty long.

I've done a fair amount of Stucky Big Bang reading, mostly while at camp (yay for Kindle downloads!), but I'm still in the middle of an absolutely massive one. I know there aren't a lot of Stucky fans on my flist, but if you're interested, I can wholeheartedly recommend:

Demobilization. AU in that Bucky went off to WWII without Steve (there was no Dr Erskine, so no serum) and came back with his left arm missing. He and Steve had a past, pre-war, and Bucky has decided to officially let Steve know how he feels when he gets back, only to find that Steve now has a steady girlfriend. A big emotional punch, this fic, but a happy ending.

Saying Your Name. MCU compliant through Winter Soldier. Steve knows Bucky is dead. He's not sure how he knows, he just knows. So when he sustains a catastrophic injury and ends up in a sort of afterlife that mimics pre-war Brooklyn, he knows he has to find Bucky and get him back to the "other side." But Bucky doesn't remember his former life and doesn't want to go, forcing Steve to wait patiently, rebuilding his relationship with Bucky, until he remembers. And what will happen once they're both back in the real world again? Another one with a lot of strong emotions and angst, but a happy ending.

The Scottish Boy. This is the monster, 130K-word story I'm still reading. Complete AU, set in 14th-century England. Steve is a country knight, and Bucky is a savage prisoner dumped on him by Brock and Pierce after they nab him in a Scottish battle. Who is Bucky, really, and why is he so important? Bucky eventually goes from prisoner to Steve's squire, and the boys fall in lust - eventually in love - along the way, despite the strong homophobia of the period. Holy smokes, this author really knows her Medieval history, bringing this story brilliantly to life. I don't know how it turns out yet, only about 70% of the way, but I'm completely captivated.

In the meantime: if you're in the line of fire from Irma, please be safe, and check in when you can!

Also, I have again missed an entire week of LJ. If you posted something I should know about, please leave me a link!

(Also, I still call my father "Daddy." I didn't realize it was gross and creepy. I'm sorry?)

oh, it makes me wonder

Sep. 7th, 2017 10:05 am
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ZOMG you guys, work is ridiculously busy and I feel like the coop purchase process is slowly killing my soul. Last night, I was looking over the paperwork and I was just like, this is not going to happen. I'm going to be rejected again. So now that I've made peace with that, I'll just let it play out but not really believe it's going to happen. *hands*


I guess it's yuletide season now? Here's my current list of potential nominees. If you are planning to nom something here, let me know, and I will cross it off!

Six of Crows: Inej Ghafa, Kaz Brekker, Nina Zenik
Ocean's 11: Danny, Rusty
Middleman: Wendy, MM, Ida, Noser
Earthsea: Ged, Tenar, Penthe
Alexander Trilogy: Alexander, Hephaistion - nommed by [personal profile] litalex
The Iliad (or possibly Song of Achilles?): Achilles, Patroclus
Roman Holiday: Princess Ann, Joe Bradley, Irving Radovich
The Philadelphia Story: CK Dexter Haven, Tracy Lord, Mike Macauley, Liz Imbrie
Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes, Brenda DelVecchio, Paco Tejas, Milagro Reyes
Gotham Academy: Olive Silverlock, Mia "Maps" Mizoguchi, Pomeline Fritch

I guess I have to figure out what I'm requesting, too. Definitely Kaz/Inej again. Everything else is up in the air. Hmm...

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Yesterday, I reached out to the necessary parties to get updated reference letters for my coop board application package, as well as the materials the seller also has to sign (this was not something I had to do the first time around), and also arranged payment for the appraisal, which they think they will be able to get scheduled soon. I filled out a lot of the application form and ugh. I am left once again with an uneasy feeling about passing financial muster despite the knowledge that I should, since I already manage to do so now with higher monthly expenses.

In other news, last night I dreamt I was at some kind of wild party at a hotel and someone was leading around a tiger on a leash that they'd named Anakin and I was like, "I'm allergic to cats, so I'll be going now, but at least you won't be surprised when it turns on you and kills you all." My brain. I don't even know.

Anyway! Today is Wednesday, so here's what I'm reading:

What I've just finished
The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata, which is a modern romance in which our heroine marries our hero because he needs a green card and she needs her student loans paid off. It's a pretty slow burn, and I liked it okay, but I didn't LOVE it, because there is no snappy banter here. Aiden, the hero, is pretty laconic, mostly uninterested in pop culture, and not at all witty, so I didn't really warm to him, though I did like him more at the end than I did at the start. I also thought the setting was pointless - the fake football team names were jarring, especially considering it was supposed to be set in Dallas! And there was no reason it needed to be in Dallas - there was nothing about the city in the book. It could have been set anywhere in Generica. *hands*

Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray, which I loved. It's a coming of age story for 16 year old Leia, who has to complete a series of formalized challenges in order to be invested as the heir to the Alderaanian throne, and I think it did a great job with both her characterization and with weaving her story into the rest of Star Wars canon. Bail and Breha get to shine (♥ORGANAS♥) and there are some nice references to Padme, and Tarkin is the main villain - Vader never even gets a mention, which is appropriate for this point of Leia's life. I guess my one quibble is that I like the fanon explanation of the reason the Organas adopted - Breha had numerous miscarriages and they'd decided to stop trying - over the now canon explanation that she had had an accident in her youth and her health was not up to even trying. Idk. I mean, her having artificial organs is very Star Wars, and the end result was the same, but sometimes fanon feels more emotionally true. *hands* I did like that we finally got to see Breha in action and that spoilers )

What I'm reading now
Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, which is a YA take on Diana's emergence into Man's World, and I like the focus on her and another teen girl, but I personally am more interested in Diana already in the world, rather than another origin story, so I'm a teeny bit disappointed, even though I kind of knew going in it was going to be what it is.

What I'm reading next
Probably The Ruin of Angels by Max Gladstone, which is the next book in the Craft sequence.

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