Jan. 21st, 2009


Jan. 21st, 2009 07:25 pm
Generally in an 'I love the world' mood tonight. Endorphins, I has lots! :D

I am using icon! because yeah I have just come back from dancing and that is part of my happy! But there are others.

  • Email from seminar tutor, giving me list of post-grad/open-to-public seminars and meetings for more 'scholarly' discussion. She has managed to wiggle me in to more complicated stuff and remembered it, and generally, I am a happy bunny with academia right now. After done with LJ, I need to do some reading for classes.

  • Job interview today for teahouse-thing. Generally very good vibe, especially because of bucket-loads of restaurant experience and his general attitude. Seems nice, it's fifteen minutes' walk from the bus and stuff so close-ish and it's completely understood it would have to fit around my schedule, so! We shall see if I get the job, and if it works for me. It's worth a try, anyway.

  • New person! New person who is not freaked out by having interacted with me in crazy-moodswing-moments. Met her at the first drama meeting, she turned up at beginners' dance class on friday, and at the auditions Sunday, and we've chatted, so we're going to hang out and eat pasta together tomorrow and just generally sociable stuff. Win! Friend-making.

  • Dance-stuff. Firstly, just had an hour and a half of practice-stuff. I have a dance partner who is an absolute sweetie; he's just starting out but essentially said he was happy to get up to speed to dance a level or so above him, and is just generally, a very nice guy. Geeky, too, so I have been invited to come along to Game Soc and try out a game of D&D and talk comic-books with other people, which lsdkjfldjlsfj will be so much fun. Yay for geekiness!

    So yes. Generally all :D today, because of sleep & exercise & weight-loss so I feel bouncy. We shall see tomorrow.
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