Jan. 4th, 2009

It is freezing here, in the 'scratch my promise to leave my flat every day, it is too freaking cold' fashion. But it means it's lovely to be inside! I have the radiator on for the first time ever, the curtain drawn to shut out the cold, and my feet tucked under the comforter. :3 Tea is extremely good for cold that works inside-out.

Happy stuff! I have books and tonight, I plan to read about China; informative yet non-dry books ftw! I also have some really squishy cotton I'm working with that's thick enough not to cause callouses! Also, I have been rubbing oil into my poor fingers from the massive amount of working-with-thin-cotton that killed them and they are finally approaching 'normal'. Also, the yarn currently working with = bright blue. Fwee!

Tomorrow, I need to visit the university library and return books plus go by the bookstore and ask if they have departmental lists. Hooopefully they do; they have always been too busy to ask previously, but! Campus is dead-quiet even if outlets are open. :D I can also go via the med centre and sort out medication; surprisingly, missing three-days-in-a-row due to running out/med centre being shut = a non-chemical high. It is fuzzy, especially as I have to come off the stuff now anyway in order to switch. Non-scary highs ftw, also.

Also. I HAVE POST. :D :D :D Hopefully I can go pick up my packages from the mail room tomorrow; I have some shirts that were on sale and the first season of Alias, which is all supah-win.

And finally, last night watching CSI:NY with Nat and poking holes in the 'investigative process'? Win. :D

Plot bunny!

Jan. 4th, 2009 11:19 pm
Mid conversation with Beth, RE: my friend and her insane desire to follow 'The Rules' and snag herself a chauvinistic, 1950s era, shun-if-doesn't-buy-shinies man.

Bitten by a plot bunny.

Woman who lives her life entirely by self-help guides. Follows 'The Rules'. And dressing advice. And eating advice. And lifestyle advice. So basically, lives a fairly beige existence, while life around her = not so very much controlled. Either a character... or a story/novella. Hrm.



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