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Non politically related news

  • I finished (today) the main work on my merino cardigan. All the pieces are knit, I now have to lightly block it, sew it together and then knit the button-bands. But the main, 'sit and watch tv shows while staring occasionally at pattern as I attempt to make sense of it', that part is done.

  • This then clears the way for non-procrastination on essay. I need to read the Communist Manifesto (properly) tonight. ...On reflection, this is not non political news, but on the other hand, 1848 can't be considered news. My reading of it is entirely 'politics as a subject' rather than 'politics in action'.

  • I watched the Wicker Man remake while finishing the last sleeve. Absolutely. Hilarious. So many plot holes, I think I fell in one around the time I started decreasing.

  • I tried to read one of my guilty pleasures; a new Julia Quinn novel. My Regency romance reading period began and ended with Georgette Heyer, encompassing the really disgustingly over-wrought on the scale before at about sixteen, I was thoroughly sick of 'pearls' and 'glistening' and ...yes. I adore Heyer because she writes non sexual Regency romances that are for the most part, historically accurate and the 'boy meets girl' part is only part of the novel. But unfortunately, there are only so many Georgette Heyers. And I have read them all. Julia Quinn was happy accident; a writer who poked fun at the genre rather than getting caught up in fainting females and long descriptions of dresses. Unfortunately, I began with her latest stuff. 'Splendid', her debut novel, has just come back into print over here, and I picked it up at the library. Ohgoditishorrible. Granted, it makes for amusing laughter (and possible drinking games as to how many seconds you can guess a scene lasts before there is kissing and kissing-with-intent) but oh god, no. I can't possibly be the only person alive who likes my Regency clean, can I? By all means, hint away - I just want fade-to-black, thank you very much.

  • Muffins v2.0 worked exceedingly well, due to the addition of oats. Now I have nummy oat, nectarine and pineapple muffins and very good they are, too.

    Political news

  • Yes, I am worried - if only because I'd quite like to take a semester abroad in the US next year and that rides on the result of the election. Also, the proportion of voting booths, voter intimidation, problems with registration/challenges... I will be anxious.

  • My father's political knowledge is apparently greater than everyone's. Including those with access to actual data, or proper views. Also, being rude is apparently perfectly acceptable, despite polite requests not to use language, shout or swear.
  • Date: 2008-11-05 03:42 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile] xanykaos.livejournal.com
    Re: the cardigan. That's so groovy! I've never been brave enough to attempt anything that involved blocking and sewing/grafting yet, but cardigan's on my list. Pictures once it's done?

    Out of curiousity, in what way does your being able to take a semester in the states depend on the election?

    Date: 2008-11-07 01:01 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile] geishawhite.livejournal.com
    Oh god, this project comes having ruined two or three attempts already. The merino only really takes light blocking; one good thing about my knitting despite its tightness is that it's usually pretty even. So I pinned the pieces out, lightly sprayed 'em with water and that's baasically it.

    Right now, I've knitted the button-holder side of the border which was a MAJOR learning curve. Picking up and knitting stitches on a cast-off edge? Yeah, new to me. xD also, knitting with the weight of a full cardigan on the needles makes my wrists HURT. Debating whether to pick up and knit the button band side tonight; takes forever to pick up the stitches. But yes! If I can locate my camera, there will be pictures once it's all finished.

    As for states = President Obama... The last time I was there, I had two incidents that really rang home. My best friend and roommate had been raped, and access to the morning after pill despite the fact that she was underage sort of saved her from additional angst. Second, a friend of mine who was also an exchange student, got pregnant while she was there. Access to a family planning clinic is the only reason she's finishing out her education. A President in the White House who continues with the civil liberties raid ...yeah. I do not want to be a college student and a possible statistic. I get my birth control free over here, I know that if I had a problem, I could see a doctor anywhere and I'd get help. It's a deal-breaker for me, having been in a relationship where it was likely going to be an issue down the line.



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